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Travelling at any time can be stressful, let alone travelling with a baby! I guess it all depends on where you are going and how you will be getting there. Well, I’m flying with my baby.  I’m not so stressed about him on holiday, it’s more about the flight as I won’t know how he will be, I have no idea what to expect so it’s a little scary. I don’t know, maybe I’m being conscientious as the boyf says “oh don’t stress out yourself he will be fine”. I can’t help think, what if he is not ok and the whole flight becomes a total disaster. Not to mention the evils I may get from the passengers especially women looking at me like “can’t you control your baby?”.

Ok, maybe I’m getting carried away. Normally I am an optimistic person, as babies are so unpredictable. I’m just getting anxious as I want everything to go smoothly and if it does what a blady bonus ay?!!!😝


Before I started this blog I had done some research on travelling with minors. There’s literally so much information out there.  What would be useful, is checking your airline information, it will help to put your mind at ease.  Luckily for me my close friends work in aviation so information was 1st hand not to mention a few nice perks too.😜


I previously travelled with my daughter when she was 2, and she was fine, in fact she was quite the little diva ordering the cabin crew around, bless her. I would imagine it’s easier travelling with toddlers as they can communicate better.

However, that was nearly 13 years ago and since then so much has changed, with rules and regulations.


I have put together some tips and facts which I’m sure you will find just as useful as I have.


So I’m off to St.Lucia, eeeek😀🌴☀️👙 on a much needed, not to mention a well deserved holiday with my beautiful family and our latest addition, my lil prince Raheem who is 8 months old.


First thing I wanted to understand is how to carry my son’s milk. Although Raheem is now eating solids he still has at least 4 bottles throughout the day. So, I have decided to bring empty bottles along with the formula separately and I will make bottles up throughout the flight.🍼🍼


#Tip: You can also buy ready-to-drink infant formula within the airport, this is handy as you can also pick up any last minute essentials you may need for yourself too, as it’s easily done, running around sorting out the kids and almost forgetting yourself.🙈


Talking about formula, I came across an issue when purchasing 4 boxes at Tescos, when I was made to feel like a criminal by a jobs worth!!! I mean the way I was stopped at the self checkout and told that I can only buy 2 at any one time, I just stared at the guy for what seemed like ages almost like he spoke a different language to me, with that I went off to customer services to find out what the deal was.


It appears that Supermarkets were made to introduce this type of rationing due to the company that produces the formula, they were concerned about shortages to do with exports in China where a lot of bulk buying was happening, blah blah blahhhhh I didn’t really want to hear all this (I’m telling you though as always handy to know a bit of useless information) as it wasn’t really helping me. I did purchase all my 4 boxes in the end, I just brought 2 then popped into Costa and went right back and purchased the other 2. So keep that in mind if you ever come up against this.


Flying with an active baby.


Raheem is now crawling and into exploring, so being on a plane restricted will restrict his movements. I will need to keep him entertained and one thing he absolutely loves at the minute is this little ABC song on Baby TV, so I will be downloading that app on all devices as this should keep him some what occupied.


#Tip: To help sooth baby if their tiny ears pop while take off and landing, feeding baby may help to prevent this and should make baby comfortable, or even using a dummy may help.


One great thing about going on holiday is it’s a great excuse to get in some summer shopping, not that I ever need an excuse as I love to shop 👠👗👛💳. Luckily for me it’s sale season so it’s a great opportunity to bag some bargains. So while my beloved teenage daughter is having a field day filling up her baskets online on Boohoo and Misguided, I have my list of what baby needs. Don’t get me wrong though as in-between shopping for little man, I will be picking up some bits for myself, but realistically I have to get his done first, it’s just how things go once you become a mama it’s certainly never you first.🙈


#Fact: Did you know that you can take additional item of hand luggage when travelling with a baby although they have no seat assigned to them!


So with shopping out of the way it’s onto Raheem’s flight bag.


Below I’ve shared with you my check list on what I’m packing for him, there is so much to think about its useful to draft a list and tick off what you have and packed, hopefully that way you should not leave anything behind. If you’re like me it doesn’t matter how many lists I have. I always feel like I’ve forgotten something.


  • 3 sets of outfits along with spare vests and an extra outfit to change into once we land something cooler like shorts and a light t-shirt
  • Plenty of bibs
  • His favourite blanky (God forbid I forget this I may as well just forget it all)
  • Sippy cup
  • Bottles accompanied with little milk dispensers making sure they are all loaded with required scoops of formula (can purchase these from amazon)
  • Plenty of baby juice
  • Bowls and utensils
  • Pack extra snacks if your baby is old enough a great way to keep fussy baby quiet
  • Plenty of nappies (bring loads as you never know what could happen)
  • Wipes
  • Nappy sacks
  • Toys/Teething rings/Dummy or their favourite cuddly toy (maybe not the toy that plays a repetitive song for your own sanity as well as others around)


You do have a choice of using your car seat on flight this should be prearranged when booking your flight however we are choosing to sit baby on our lap
#Fact: Don’t forget any baby creams and lotions which must adhere to the 100ml regulations. These will have to go into clear plastic wallets.


So hand luggage for Raheem sorted – however there is an important item you must not leave home without is baby’s passport!!


#Tip & Fact: Make sure you check in advance the date on your child’s passport and although they may have 6months left before the expiry date some countries may refuse entry so its vital that the expiry date is checked – trust me I have been there🙈, before because previously when I travelled I found out my daughter’s passport had expired 3 months.


Final thing don’t forget to pray before you set off on your journey, you don’t have to be all religious but there is no harm in asking for God’s guidance and protection he will never turn his back on you, so be bold and ask for it!!!


With all that said, (sorry as a lot has been said🙈) I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my 1st blog and continue to follow me on this brand new journey along side my 3 fabulous friends.


Signing off
Sam Willz



  1. First Lady Randz
    First Lady Randz

    I can so relate to the anxiety you felt in the beginning Sam, as I also had that big age gap between my kids. So when travelling again with a young baby and so many rules changing there is a lot to think about! Great to read your tips on surviving flying with young babies, not that I’m planning anymore 😜

    1. Sam Williams
      Sam Williams

      Thanks First Lady. Survival tips are so useful, but ultimately it will be what works for you and you family. Having a big age gap has its advantages as well, our teenaged daughters can always help out if traveliing with us in keeping their brother/sister entertained whilist on the flight, giving us a little time out.😊

  2. Rachel

    if I had some of this info when we travelled with Bri, could have saved much hassle to the whole travel party. this is so good and practical blog! its not easy travelling with a baby. well done Sammy Boo xx

    1. Sam Williams
      Sam Williams

      Thanks Rachel. We live and learn on experiences and so next time you travel, with your little ones I will be pleased that my blog will be somewhat of a guide for you and your family to go by.💋

  3. Juli

    Love the blog! I wish I found it before I travelled with my lil man last month. I also found a shot of calpol before take off helps their ears.

    1. Sam Williams
      Sam Williams

      Thanks Juli and thank you for sharing your tip too. Much appreciated.
      Glad you loved the blog.💋

  4. Karlene O'Connor
    Karlene O’Connor

    Very informative blog Sam. Some useful tips for anyone travelling with babies💋

    1. Sam Williams
      Sam Williams

      Thanks Karlz. I wanted to put as much information as possible, as It’s amazing how much babies actually need not just for the holiday but for the journey also💋

  5. Kelly Blake
    Kelly Blake

    Very informative Sam. Excellent 1st blog. Lots to think about when travelling with a baby. I’m frightened to take my little one on a plane, he’s high maintenance! ☺️

    1. Sam Williams
      Sam Williams

      Thanks Kells. It’s always the unknown that has us scared, but I’m sure your little one will be fine just make sure you have all his essentials to hand. 💋

  6. Shana Willie-Matoorah

    Loving it,Hun!!! Very useful information and well-written. Keep dem blogs coming❤️

    1. Sam Williams
      Sam Williams

      Thank you Shana. I really enjoyed writing this blog, as I wanted to share my experience with parents, as you never know how it will all turn out, thankfully it was good for us and I hope it’s just as good for other families too.💋

  7. Newley

    An interesting 1st blog Sam, so much to think about when travelling with minors, boi am I glad mine are all grown up!? 😜😘

    1. Sam Williams
      Sam Williams

      Thanks Newley. Count yourself lucky that you don’t have any small people to consider when travelling. It’s an experience that you can only try your best to be prepared as you really don’t know what to expect.


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