Caribbean Time

The blazing sun slowly starts to descend. The sand still warm beneath my feet. The sea breeze cooling down the evening air. What a beautiful setting. Welcome to St.Lucia!


The Caribbean is known for it’s laid back attitude towards most things in life, it’s a way of living where there is no rush and no fuss, it’s simply the order of the day!!


“The early bird catches the worm”.  With everyone waking early this is sure to be the case.  The vibes you feel is so unlike no other so relaxed and chilled, it’s as if you are just constantly on cruise control.


Hanging out with a few locals really gives you an insight into their culture, which is just amazing.
Although this is not my first time visiting the island, I notice that time does not take centre stage like it does back home in the UK.


In the UK, time is everything, from when we wake until we go to bed. We live our lives on a schedule, diaries jam packed not sparing a thought for ourselves and our well being.  We start to feel exhausted, seriously, why do it to ourselves?  Time spent stuck in rush hour traffic after a long day at work, racking our brain on what to cook for dinner, and with getting home late some opt for processed meals or even a take away?  It all becomes to much.
We are just existing here but they are truly living it up in the Caribbean.  We look at time as a dictator, in the Caribbean it is seen as a concept.
In comparison the Caribbean people have a passion for life.  It was apparent that those after work had time to stop by local restaurants and bars where they served a wide selection of fresh seafood, not to mention the mouthwatering drinks. With no rush to get home, just enjoying the sea breeze, laughing and living.
My time in St Lucia was yet again another beautiful experience and a reminder of just how much we should make time to enjoy life.


Sam Willz💋


  1. RachieBooG

    next time bring me along To Lucia ! #rude

    1. Sam Willz
      Sam Willz

      Loool Rachie, you would love it!💋


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