Essential Baggage

When I’m travelling on a flight there are a few must have items that I can’t travel without.  I like to travel light, I can’t take having heavy bags or a whole leap of bags at that, but in saying that I always end up with a Mary Poppins bag full of all sorts in there. So lets take a sneak peak into the essentials I carry when travelling.

First and foremost everyone needs to have a little wash bag, obviously you can’t shower on the plane but there’s no harm in bringing a few toiletries that you can use to freshen up in the toilet before landing and should the worst happen and your luggage not arrive at your destination then at least you still have a toiletry bag. Just don’t forget you can’t bring liquids over 100ml in your hand luggage.
wash bag
I believe all long haul flights now have entertainment which is great, but if you’re like me nothing beats a good old Jackie Collins novel God bless her soul RIP🙏🏾 followed by a little celeb catch up from OK & Look Magazines. I like to break up the time on the flight, so I also packed my MacBook Air for keeping up with my blogs, my wireless Beats by Dre and made sure my phone was loaded of music ready to listen to.
Beats by Dre
As I explained in my blog ‘Winter baby loves heat but not Summer’ I can’t take the cold, and the aircraft pumps air conditioning like it’s going out of fashion. Knowing this I have to come prepared to keep warm! So I packed my fluffy socks to keep my feet warm and my wrap around shawl.
                                    Shawl                                socks
Last but by no means least, I have to pack some snacks! I love my food and let’s be real the plane food just isn’t cutting it and sometimes you just feel for junk food, well I do anyway 😜 So I packed some Shortbread biscuits to dip in my tea, Cadburys Boost bites, Strawberry Bon Bons, salt n sweet popcorn mix and Salt ‘n’ Vinegar chip sticks, a nice little munch for my flight.
             Choco            SB         Popcorn

What are your must have essentials for when travelling on flights? Let me know if I’m missing out on something!

Stay cool, stay safe, stay blessed and most of all stay being you!

Love your gurl
First Lady Randz

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  1. Dre

    I see your pretty much loaded with every essentials that’s needed, you’ve dot all your i’s and crossed all your t’s…..these things do help and makes the flight more comfortable, as we know airlines has been cutting back on a lot of things they use to issue out and now they want to charge for everything they offer you. With all you have there FLR you may find other passengers begging for a lil of your essentials…Lol! Oh and one thing I did not see is a pack of gum or I wasn’t looking good but I travel with gum especially for the landing cause my ears tend to pop and get clogged up, gum usually works for me! You may like to travel light but your essentials are very heavy, it’s a good look…..


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