Review: Zara “Chain City” Bag

Anyone who knows me well will confirm that I have an eye for handbags!  I love handbags more than shoes (is that weird?)

I’ve had my eye on the Zara “Chain City” bag since last year and I thought I’d missed out, but it’s back on the shelves this year!!!!!

It’s been a while since I treated myself and I couldn’t miss it for the 2nd time could I? (oh the things we tell ourselves!)  At £89.99 it’s around £20 cheaper than last year so obviously I had to get it.

This bag is genuine leather, messenger style and embossed with a croc print. The periphery is mounted with a gun metal looking chain which makes the bag look very classy.  It’s sturdy, well made and it goes with pretty much everything.  It will most definitely be a common feature in my wardrobe staples.  The bag is a classic and it has a resemblance to the Chanel Boy Bag which is priced around £2600 upward (but I ain’t about that life so I’ll keep it real).


It has enough room to fit all your daily essentials and it looks great! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Faithfully Yours


Kells 💋

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