Thou Shall Not Lie

We are all guilty for telling the odd white lie here or there to get us out of certain situations etc. Be it right or wrong it’s probably the best solution to the given situation at that particular time. Whether it’s fibbing to take our kids out of school during the school term to go on vacation or yet another white lie to explain our lateness for work.

Now whilst a bit of fibbing may be excused or overlooked, there’s no excuse for bare face lying. I hate lies and can’t stand liars. I’d rather you hit me with the truth than with a thousand lies.

Yeah I know the truth may hurt but I’d rather be told the truth so I can deal with it as opposed to be fed lies after lies. I believe in the saying that ‘the truth will always come out in the end’ so ain’t no use lying. In situation like these I just laugh to myself. Sometimes you gotta play the fool at their own game and act the fool to catch them out. It can be hard to act humorous or sane to what they’re telling you as you know they are blatantly lying.


I can be very forgiving but how do you keep forgiving a liar especially when you know they are playing you for an idiot. You gotta just be straight with people like these and let them know that you know they are lying. There’s no point beating around the bush with people like these. They need to be told!!!

It’s hard to know where you stand with a liar. As you will never believe any word that comes from their mouth. Nothing they say or do can be credited unless you’ve actually seen or heard them do it.

As a child growing up I used to hear the term, ‘every thief is a liar and every liar is a thief’. Now that’s something I wouldn’t wanna be associated with so I’d rather just tell the truth no matter the consequences.

Keep it real and truthful.

Luv Karlz💋

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