School Years, Best Years…..

They say your school years are the best years of your life and I have to agree!


Those early years in life are character building and often are the start of life long friendships.


I loved my school days. I can’t remember learning much, but I most certainly remember having a good time. Although I don’t see my school friends often, I’m grateful for social media as it allows me to keep in touch and share our special life moments.


Funny enough, my young son opened up the otterman and pulled out my friendship book. This book has real sentimental value as I purchase it when I was about 16 as a memoir of messages from school friends. Today I read through it and couldn’t stop grinning at the messages of well wishes and classic memories that I will always treasure.


This last few weeks have revealed sad news of illness and death and it had me thinking that tomorrow is never promised. I have posted some of the many entries from my friendship book, have a read…..

image image image image image image image image

It’s amazing to read 20 year old messages.  My children have had a good laugh at the fun I had during school.  I’m glad to say that most of my school friends have gone on to achieve great things.  Here’s to our future 🍷



Faithfully Yours


Kells 💋


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