Half Term Holidays

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Working full time and having a family with young children can be very challenging when it comes to School holidays. The amount of half terms Schools have versus how much annual leave you are entitled to is no comparison! So it’s extremely difficult to be there for your children every half term.

Naturally you want to spend as much time as possible with your children creating memories and watching them grow. Before you know it your babies are grown ass adults doing their own thing 🙈 Now this isn’t always possible for working parents and if you’re like me then you often feel guilty for leaving your children with childcare providers or summer clubs whilst you work😩 Not easy but it’s has to be done.


Family is everything to me and I can truly say I am blessed with a beautiful family that I am forever thankful for, praise God 🙏🏾


My Mother is my rock, she is not only my mum but she’s my best friend and definitely the best in the world. Now I know everyone thinks they have the best mum but I truly do! 😜


Wherever I go people are always asking for my mum and saying how much they love and respect her, she just has a beautiful vibe that touches people. Not only is she a brilliant mum but she is an amazing Grandmother too.


Currently my mum is on the other side of the world with my daughters on holiday. Mum had planned to go away for just less than 2 weeks and said she would take the girls. What a blessing that was, with it being half term it’s been a great help to me.


The girls are on holiday having a fabulous time, whilst I’m still working and not having to worry about feeling guilty as I’m not home as much as both them and I would have liked.


Below are a few pics of my girls on their hols with their Nanna Brenda 💞






Stay cool, stay safe, stay blessed and most of all stay being you!


First Lady Randz #FLR


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