Surviving The Mornings With Baby

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In my previous life, I had plenty of time to get ready and almost have breakfast. Given that by the time my eldest was 10 years old, she was practically doing everything for herself. This gave me some time to get ready at my own pace, although I still had to do the school run.  Now with a 16 month old baby thrown into the mix, my typical mornings on the days I’m at work consists of early rises, BabyTV and a half drunken cup of tea.


I want to share with you a few tips and ideas on how to make your mornings a little more easier, before you start your working day.


Get organised the night before

In order for your morning to run smoothly, the secret is to start from the night before.  Pack baby’s bag with his essentials for nursery/childminder making sure you have stocked up with nappies, wipes, bibs and change of outfit including spare vests for any accidents that will probably occur, (leaving out and food or drink – pack these in the morning).  I know this is an obvious thing to do but seriously, doing what you can the night before really helps. Getting outfits ready night before is a must too!


Most important of all get a good nights sleep – helps to keep you sane!!


The alarm goes and so do you

My alarm goes off 6:15am and up I get. In order to actually accomplish this survival-ism in the mornings, it’s a good idea to get up slightly earlier. This gives you time for some meditation or perhaps some brief exercise, whatever you choose it’s your time, make it count! I always try to be dressed before little man wakes up, but this doesn’t always happen as he can be awake earlier than me. When this does happen, I bring him into my bed for cuddles.  BabyTV is a huge distraction for Raheem whilst I shower. It’s ideal to find something that helps to distract baby, while you get ready.



Delegate!  Get everyone in the household to help out “many hands make light work”.  Perhaps while you’re getting ready, your other half or if you have an older child can help assist in feeding baby. 


Keep it simple – hair and makeup

I never wear much makeup to work even if I had the time, I just don’t think its necessary. I like to keep my look simple with a little concealer (Got to conceal the night before if it was a late one) and lip gloss.  Depending on my mood I do sometimes like to wear lipstick, it brightens the face and makes you feel a little more put together after all that rushing about. Its nice to add that essence of make up.

Hair – I tend to slick it back. I use a doughnut hair accessory, which is so easy to use and gives off a little sophisticated look.  Whatever your look for work is, it’s best to keep it simple and chic, remember less is more!


Shoes on and off you go

So you have managed the race to the door, not until you have realised you cannot find your car keys, purse and oh in my case don’t leave the blanky! So it’s an idea to make sure everything has its place.


Time management with patience will help routine become easier for your little one. Soon your baby will adopt a rhythm you both can work with.  Becoming parents definitely helps you put your priorities into perspective and you may find that you become organised more than ever.


There is no perfect parenting and we will continue to learn as our little ones grow. Don’t try to opt for perfection as this will be a recipe for disaster. Hang on in there, before you know it you will be a pro and leaving the house on time, will be easy peasy!

Do you have any tips or stories you would like to share?

One Love Always

Sam Willz




  1. Chantelle

    Love this. I will be taking my little one to nursery for the first time tomorrow. I normally pick my outfit in the morning and take my time getting ready for work. I will definitely be using your tips and get myself prepared tonight 😫

    1. Sam Willz
      Sam Willz

      Thank you Chantelle and I’m pleased that you can look to my blog for some inspiration. I hope your little one has great and blessed 1st day at nursery! 👌🏾
      Remember we can’t always get everything right at first….it’s a working progress!!!
      All the best 💋


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