A Good Turn Deserves Another. Would You Help a Stranger?

Good turn

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I am a firm believer that, if you do good to others then naturally good will come to you. How far you stretch that ‘good doing’ is another matter. I’m sure you’ve heard the Biblical saying “do to others as you would like them to do to you” (Luke 6:31). However actually treating others in this way is easier said than done. One good turn deserves another, but not everyone thinks in this way. There are situations that you may want to help, but fear of other peoples intentions kick in.


Today my friend Rachel shared a prime example of her naturally doing good. As much as I love and respect what she did, I wouldn’t do the same, through fear of what could happen.

Rachel Picks up a Stranger

Take a look at the selfie picture below. It looks as though Rachel knows this gentleman right? Looks as though they are friends perhaps? Well they are far from friends, in fact she met him this morning, as he flagged down her car on her way to work. Perfect picture of perception.

Good turn

Rachel posted a brief of her story on Facebook which sparked a debate of various views. I will share Rachel’s story with you as she has given me permission to do so and then explain my reasons why I would not have done the same.


On Rachel’s way to work this morning, she drove past the gentleman in the picture above. After passing him, she looked in her rear view mirror to see him running after her car and flagging her down. At that point, Rachel had no idea who the man was or what he possibly wanted. However she stopped nevertheless to find out.


Her initial thought being perhaps something is wrong with the car and he was trying to warn her. When he approached the car he was pleading with her for help. Explaining that he needed a lift to Luton airport and asking if she was going that way. Without a second thought, Rachel said “yes, I am actually going to the airport, jump in.”


Without further ado, the man gets in her car, and then explains the reason why he needed a lift. He dropped his family off at the airport, parked his car in the local community, so not the standard airport parking facilities, but needed to get back to his family at the airport. Rachel drove past him at the right time. When they reached the airport he couldn’t thank her enough for the lift and at that point Rachel realised that she was actually doing something really good for him. Being the trusting friendly lovable person Rachel is, she decided to take selfie’s with the man before he got out of her car.


Not once throughout that journey did Rachel think she may be in danger. She simply saw someone that needed help and she was able to provide that and did so.


Good Turn Drive By

As I said earlier I take my hat off to my friend Rachel, because I would not have stopped and picked him up. Now that is not because I am a horrible person, but I am sceptical and perhaps over think situations. My immediate thought process would have been, what does this man want? Is he trying to set me up? Is he going to hurt me? You hear so many stories through the news and social media of scams where people are asking for help, in a bid to entice you in, to mug or hurt you. Unfortunately those thoughts are in the forefront of my mind.


Being a mum I am always thinking about my children and what if I am not around. So I purposely avoid putting myself in risky situations. Which in some respects is sad. One bad apple spoils the bunch. I would love to live in a society where you could genuinely just help people and not have to question their motives.


It’s refreshing to know that there are people that are willing to just stop and help others without knowing the background. It’s even nicer to know not every situation has a bad ending.


Would you stop if someone was standing on the roadside flagging your car down?


Stay cool, stay safe, stay blessed and most of all stay being you!


First Lady Randz #FLR




  1. First Lady Randz
    First Lady Randz

    Thank you Analaigh. Yes I think deep down we’d all like to live in a world where we can stop and help others care free. Unfortunately that is unrealistic 😩

    It’s great that you do off the cuff things too! There are situations I would easily step forward and help others, however evaluation of the circumstances and danger come into play first.

    Thanks for your comment 💋

  2. Analaigh

    This is great. Like you I do not Know if I wouldve stop. Especially being a mum. However I occassionally do off the cuff thingstodo so I might have.


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