There’s A Special Place In Hell For Women Who Are Mean To Other Women…. 😒

Have you ever come across a woman who tears down another woman without any real cause?


They say “there’s a special place in hell for women who do not support other women”. I somewhat agree with this statement. However, I often say “there’s a special place in hell for women who are mean to other women”. Why? Because even if you don’t support another woman, there is no reason to be mean without cause. This kind of behaviour is uncalled for and damn wrong!

I have never really understood it. A woman who is hardworking, ambitious, beautiful and deserving will often face some of the harshest criticism from another woman out of pure jealousy. Some women go as far as slandering and will even try to steal another woman’s joy. Why is it so difficult for some women to rejoice in the success of another or give credit where it’s due? Is it that difficult to celebrate someone else’s efforts, success and happiness? Have you “failed” where others have succeeded? Well, that’s not anyone else’s fault. There’s no need for hate, jealousy or negativity. Try being inspired, it’s such a better place and space to live in.

It’s hard enough for us women to make our mark in life without a member of the sisterhood tearing us down. I am inspired by women everyday. I am fortunate to have a tight circle of friends, predominantly female from different backgrounds and age groups. They all bring something to the table and I listen, listen and absorb. My friendships have made me a better person and I am blessed with wisdom and a zeal for life. My friendships are whole and honest, I do not make room for negativity or rivalry. I’m on my own journey and thrive on testimonies of personal growth and goals.


Look at your circle? What does it tell you? Are you inspired? Are you encouraged? Are you comfortable? Are you challenged? If not, meet likeminded people. Meeting the right people can and will change your perspective and in turn it will change your life.

To all the women who are striving for better without treading on another woman’s neck, I salute you, raise and praise you. To those who just can’t help themselves, ensure when you receive a taste of your bitter medicine, don’t spit it out.


Faithfully yours


Kells 💋


  1. Kat

    I agree we should be uplifting, rather than bringing down. Life is so much better when we celebrate each other! Luckily, I find that most women fit the celebrate category – the mean girls category is so last decade! 😉

    1. Kelly Blake
      Kelly Blake

      Most certainly. To see another woman’s success is an inspiration to all!


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