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Sienna’s Footsteps is a charity dedicated to Sienna Houghton who was born with Cerebral Palsy and severe global delay development.


9 months after Sienna was born her parent’s noticed that she was not developing in the way that she should. By the time Sienna was 18 months old; Doctors informed her parents that the disorder will affect her both physically and mentally. It wasn’t until Sienna was 6 years old that the Doctors formally diagnosed her with Cerebral Palsy.  As a consequence Sienna will need life long support.


Sienna is unable to walk unaided and she has daily needs which require specialist equipment and interventional therapies which is costly. As Sienna is under constant assessment and as she grows her needs change. The purpose of the charity is to raise funds for Sienna to undergo life changing surgery called Selctive Dorsal Rhizotomy which could enable Sienna to walk for the very first time unaided which will improve her quality of life. The surgery is not available on the NHS and the leading surgeon for this procedure is in America.  The charity needs to raise in the region of £100,000 for the operation and rehabilitation which is a huge financial burden on the family.


Sienna’s family have relentlessly dedicated their lives to the improvement of Sienna’s situation and as parents they wish their child has the best start in life. There have been so many events to raise awareness and money for this great cause, but more still needs to be done.


Raising awareness and increasing donations to the Charity is the only way Sienna will be able to undergo this operation. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved and so we ask as many people as possible to donate to this cause. No sum is too small as every pound counts and the outcome will change a beautiful little girl’s life.


Sienna’s Footsteps is holding a charity ball on 22nd July 2017 and tickets are £30 and all funds will go directly to this great cause. Tickets can be purchased via – Sienna’s Charity Ball.  You can also find Sienna’s Footsteps on Facebook and you can donate directly on the Sienna’s Footsteps Just Giving Page.

Today you can help change a child’s life.




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  1. RahukRRRrrrr

    Can the Surgeon who pioneered the SDR guarantee or even admit to 80-90 percent success in Sienna walking unaided?It’s not happened before but Miracles do happen.Is it just a ploy to take advantage of a desperate mum or maybe there’s more to it?Hate this…fairy dreams


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