A Girl & Her Shoes

When you’ve been a tomboy for most of your life it’s kinda hard making that transition to be lady like. Shorts and trousers were my thing. I hated skirts and dresses. I was a proper little gangsta chic getting down with the dudes lol.

I mostly wore trainers (sneakers) as Lord knows heels would have tripped me up lol.

Fast forward a few years after my 25th I started trying girly clothes as I used to call them and now I proper love to dress up. From being a trainers and jeans girl I now love dresses, heels and even makeup 🙈. I didn’t see this coming lol!!

Who would have thought I’d love to get glammed up to the point where I’m addicted to shoes 👠. I love me some sexy shoes!!

If I know I’ve got an event to attend I get all excited working out my outfit and love to find the perfect shoes to set it off.

Having the right shoe can really make your outfit pop that little bit more!! It’s all about the shoe.

Here’s a few shoes that I’ve enjoyed wearing especially as the weather got warmer!!

One Love……Karlz💋

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