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Being a mum is such a blessing, but time flies so drastically it’s scary. It seems like just the other day my daughter Shanaya was born. Yet she’s 16 already and off to Prom. I am a big fan of snapping millions of pictures and capturing videos of moments through life. Nothing is better than looking back over those memories.


The Big Day

Shanaya’s Prom day build up was no different. Rather than sharing all the pics I took and telling you about our day, we captured it on video, so I’ll share it with you.



Stay cool, stay safe, stay blessed and most of all stay being you!


First Lady Randz #FLR



  1. Newley

    This is lovely, you captured the day beautifully. X

    1. First Lady Randz
      First Lady Randz

      Thanks Newls xx


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