Working Teens

As parents to teens we all know just how much of an expense their lifestyle can be. The clothes, the trainers, gadgets all the beauty services, as well as social activities and even a car 🙈 it all adds up.


With this lavish lifestyle from so young it’s time they dip their toes into the world of work, earn some money and most of all learn some money management. Where some families are be able to fund their teens lifestyle others may not have the means to do so. However going out to work teaches valuable life skills, which all teens need to have in my opinion.

I encouraged my daughter Dèja to find a part time job as soon as she began to just want, want, want. Earning pocket money whilst doing chores just wasn’t cutting it anymore. She started to have a social life, getting invited to parties and wanting to go cinema and out to eat with her friends, that’s when I and she knew it was time to look for a job👍🏾


Dėja got a part time job working in a salon, although it took up most of her Saturday’s she enjoyed the fact that she had a job and was getting paid! This was a new environment for her. This was also when real life lessons begun!



Understanding her personal finance was difficult as she earned and subsequently spent, when money was running low she then checks in with the bank of Mum and Dad. This was our opportunity to teach Dėja about being responsible with money.

Helping her to create a budget and sticking with it…..this is still a working progress 🛍💅🏽🙈



Having experience is important. Although this was Deja’s first job and she was able to demonstrate balancing work and education  well, which will prove to be valuable to her as she continues in education and work for her future.

Gaining work experience sets teenagers up for the transition into adulthood. Even if your teen cannot get paid work straightaway the experience gained from voluntary work has its rewards with great practice for independence and self reliance👍🏾


Being Constructive

Keeping busy constructively rather than just hanging around and perhaps leaving themselves open to vulnerabilities is key to staying away from trouble. This is important to me, so working all day Saturdays and sometimes after school was perfect for keeping  missy busy.



All teens need encouragement, whether they actually take it on board or not! As parents we have that duty to keep them focused, keep their eyes on the prize!!🏆

Dèja has since left her salon job, now college student, she has a bit more flexibility. She applied for a new job and got selected, unfortunately for her she didn’t make the probation period (that’s another blog) and was totally devastated, she had never had a probation period and due to lack of knowledge she assumed her place was secure.


As I always do I encouraged Dèja to not let this throw her off and lose her confidence but to continue to keep up her search and not give up!! She is currently working and enjoying it but slowly starting to understanding just how the working world works🤓


It’s not just about getting paid, but gaining new skills and also finding themselves as individuals. Working towards becoming young responsible adults.


Do you have a teen who is working? Or perhaps you have a teen who does not want to work? I would love to hear from you?!

One Love Always

Sam Willz



  1. Shana

    Great blog!!! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Continue striving, Déja!

    1. Sam Willz
      Sam Willz

      Thank you Shana!💋


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