Introducing Cassie Manning – NubianRockChick

If you don’t know Cassie Manning, it’s time to find out!

Amongst the many titles, Cassie is a wife, mother of two children and an Illustration Artist who owns her own Illustration company, “NubianRockChick”.

NubianRockChick illustrations fuse Cassie’s love for art, fashion and photography into classic contemporary art pieces which celebrate all things equating to femininity, empowerment and positivity.

Interestingly, Cassie is a self taught artist who longed to be a fashion designer in her formative years. Her passion led her to complete a Degree in Fashion Management at University, however, the love for drawing remained dominant in her heart.

Cassie describes drawing as a form of therapy and after some years of taking a break, due to starting a family, she starting showcasing her work on Instagram which has sparked huge interest in her images which led to the birth of her business.

Inspired by her family, positive female role models, animation and other artists, Cassie has managed to create her own business and personal brand from sheer natural talent along with encouragement from family and friends. NubianRockChick is a full time enterprise which Cassie manages from a studio at home whilst managing her family life.

Cassie’s ambitions shows that you can have it all!  She advises anyone who wishes to turn their passion into a business “don’t sleep on it, make it happen and put yourself out there, don’t worry about sales initially, focus on what you love and in time your business will grow”.

You can purchase her images at You can also find out more about NubianRockChick on Instagram and You Tube.

Be Inspired….

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