Many a time I have found myself over analysing a situation that really is not necessary. The realisation is that over thinking makes the simplest tasks difficult😩

Throughout my life I have however come across people who I would consider chronic over thinkers. They can spend more time thinking about everything rather than doing anything about what they are actually thinking!🤦🏽‍♀️

This form of anxiety does not leave much room for productivity.

A level of uncertainty is the root of over thinking. For example;
You have a massive presentation at work with an opportunity to impress your boss. However you mess up and your nerves get the better of you. The thoughts start to loop over in your mind “what if my boss thinks I’m stupid”, “i’m such a failure”, “I can’t get anything right”. The persistent worrying begins. Your thoughts run away with you, you start to fear the worse. You start to overthink the situation, leaving you completely stressed out!

With practise you can change how you think. Below, are a few tips on how you can help yourself.👀

Write about it!

Keep a journal. Sometimes things appear clearer when written down. Write yourself a plan of action that you can tick off as you execute them one by one. By keeping a journal with you all the time you can record your thoughts on paper rather than storing them just in the mind!


Short periods of reflection time should be based on what can you do differently and how to do it and then move on. By paying attention to the way you think is definitely a great start to understand the minds bad habits!


Having a clear out is great for the mind, body and soul! So it’s definitely worth a try. Focusing on your mental wellbeing is the perfect time to re program, wipe that slate clean and start a fresh.

Figure out what your interests are or learn something new. Engaging the mind actively will help to stay focused.

Whatever issues life throws at us, its inevitable that we are going to think about it, what to do, what not too do. We just have to be more conscious of its effects on our well being.

It’s better to live in the present then thinking of what you should have/could have done. Move forward, learn from your mistakes and try not to get too lost in those thoughts.


One Love Always

Sam Willz💋


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