Fix Up Look Sharp?!

For the past year or so, I have been battling with my weight. Can I just take a moment to say it has been super hard!!!

As women we are under so much pressure to always look our best. Weight is a major factor for many. However it should boil down to the individual being comfortable and healthy whatever size they may be.

For me personally on my own journey, I haven’t been comfortable😩

My will power is almost non-existent. I just keep having these R Kelly moments, you know where his mind kept telling him no and his body was telling him yes.  Well my mind tells me “yeahhhh” while my waist line is stifling🙈

It’s official I can no longer listen to my mind!

I need to learn how to make better choices in selection of my food and not just opt for convenience. I work out regularly however this means almost nothing if my diet is not right. It really matters more what you eat rather than exercise💪🏽

With the amazing honour of being a bridesmaid for my girl, FirstLadyRandz #NevandaWedding 👰🏽💍 next year, it is really time to ditch the R Kelly track and run Dizzee Rascal’s “Fix up look sharp” track instead!🙌🏾

I know weight is a struggle for us all whether it is to lose or to gain. We don’t have to cut out all the bad stuff, just be more conscious on what it is we include into our diet. With so many factors to think about such as, blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol amongst other health issues it is important to me to make a change.

However I could really do with some help on tips on some delicious healthy recipes or even better a chef!! LOL

Any takers?!

One love always

Sam Willz💋






  1. Shirley

    Joe wicks and James duigan bodyism ; so tough losing weight and when you try to keep focussed it seems like you need more food ‘ impact Luton in high town run courses but they are pricey : diets don’t work they make you eat ; healthy eating is the way and exercise

    1. Sam Willz
      Sam Willz

      Totally Shirley, it’s all about changing habits with what we eat and perhaps encouraging more physical activities into our lifestyle so wether it’s cutting out bread and walking up stairs instead of using the elevators, it all counts for something. Small steps to make great impacts 👍🏾


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