You Are Good Enough!

Being told you’re not good enough can cause you to lose confidence in yourself and your abilities.

For those of us who self-analyse, words of rejection make you consider whether what’s being said is really true. However, everything must be taken into context including the intent of the person who wishes to speak rejection over your life.

You see, I have a problem when anyone tells another that they can’t do something because….. Have you ever shared an idea with someone and they give you 1000 reasons why it cannot work, literally a problem for every solution? These people drain the life and creativity out of you.

We live in a world where most of us want to be accepted and encouraged to pursue whatever makes us happy, but having peers, colleagues, friends or family that effectively tell you you’re not good enough can make the difference in you taking a leap which may translate into your success. Believe it or not, there are people who are quite happy to see you fail or stay in the same position without growing and God forbid if you do what they perceive as better than them.

This is why I have smile when anyone tells me I’m not good enough. I’ve been told these words on many occasions in different circumstances and I have proved them wrong every time. For anyone who has experience the doubt of others, just reject their words, own your power and confidence in the person you are and who you intend to become. Allow no one to speak failure or rejection over your life.

Faithfully Yours


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