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First Lady Randz


Born in Highbury London in 1982, Arsenal Fan Miranda also known as ‘First Lady Randz’💃🏾 works full time whilst juggling family time with her fiance & their children as well as keeping up her ‘me’ time socialising with friends. First Lady Randz believes being a mother is the best feeling in the world, nothing beats that unconditional love & bond you get the day you become a parent. Like most parents, she wants the very best for her children and being the career driven lady that she is, she decided to return to work full time after having them, not an easy decision when you miss out on special moments as they grow. She has been in the aviation industry for 16 years building a wealth of expertise across several area’s from the ground to the air & is currently a Process Manager for TUI UK & Ireland.


First Lady Randz believes having a healthy body is key to a focused mind, she tries her hardest to go to the gym & eat well, but like most of you, she loves her food way too much & struggles to keep on top of a healthy lifestyle whilst balancing the hustle & bustle of her daily life.



A Winston Churchill quote First Lady Randz swears by is “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”  With this always in her mind, she likes to get involved in as many charitable events as possible, in order to give to those less fortunate or those suffering with illnesses. Two of her favourite charity events to date are, a Tandem Skydive for the Family Holiday Association; as you can see in the picture, she gave it a 👍🏾 and a charity fashion which she organised on her own accord, it showcased 30 children aged 6-10 modelling high street retailers such as New Look & Sports Direct in a bid to raise awareness & money for a local charity Autism Bedfordshire.


First Lady Randz has a passion for fashion, which stems from childhood modelling, so ladies and gents look out for her fashion blogs and pictures showcasing her outfits and style tips.


Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. For most of you, life isn’t an easy road & this leads First Lady Randz on to the reason she wanted to start up a Blog, to help others through the struggles & challenges that life throws at you, through sharing her life experiences & opinions as well as learning from your shared stories.


Feel free to send an email, any advice you want, hot topics you want to discuss or any feedback to:





Karlene O’Connor affectionately known as ‘Karlz’ was born in Jamaica in 1976. She migrated to the UK in 1994 to join her mother and eventually settled there. She’s the proud mother to 2 boisterous boys and juggles her time working, caring for her family and threading up and down the country to their various football games with her husband.


Family is everything to her and she always put them first. As a result of this she has delayed pursuing her career in avenues that would interfere with her family life and settled for more comfortable, flexible and less strenuous roles. Now her kids are at a more independent age, Karlene is looking to embark on a change and pursue her dreams and aspirations.



Having gathered a wealth of qualifications over the years from BA Hons in Marketing, Diploma in Business & Finance and CIPD Level 3 Diploma in Human Resource Practice (Assoc. CIPD) and having never worked in any of these fields, she has now decided to go with the latter (CIPD) and build her career path. She is very passionate about the fundaments of HR and its practices within the workforce and wants to further develop her knowledge and experience.



One of her favourite saying is to ‘live for today as tomorrow is never promised’. This has contributed into the funny, loving, bubbly and affectionate person that she is today. She doesn’t take life too seriously and get bogged down with issues she has no control over. She gains enormous strength from knowing that she’s not the only one having to deal with various issues or obstacles daily, ‘whatever it is that life throws at her, theirs always someone going through far worst so don’t get grind down by it all, just keep going and more importantly, keep smiling’.
She will continue to treat others how she would expect to be treated even if it is not reciprocated back to her.


Life is what YOU make it so be the best YOU that you can be!!




preview-121A working Lawyer in a leading law firm and a mother of 3, Kelly Blake is a thirty-something woman hung up on plans and progression.  From humble beginnings to academic success Kelly is focussed on working towards furthering her career in Law.


Kelly is a philanthropist at heart and has a genuine passion for helping others in difficult situations.  Popular with clients, family and friends she always has sound “no nonsense” advice to give.


Balancing a family and professional life is never easy, but Kelly tends to thrive on achieving what is said to be impossible. Kelly is a family oriented person with few friends, you would often hear her say “I can count my friends on my hands”.


Kelly has hilarious past and present life experiences which she will gladly share with others.  She is keen to blog in order to document her life progression and share her life experience in a bid to inspire as well as learn from others.


“Nothing is impossible, the word impossible says i’m possible” – Audrey Hepburn



Sam Willz 


Samantha Williams from Luton, Bedfordshire, born November 1978 is mother to teenaged daughter and 7 month old baby boy raising them both with her long term partner. Working full time in recruitment specialising in payroll for the last 7 years.


FullSizeRenderAlso known as Sam Willz from her
former family band “ARC” an aspiring singer/songwriter who hails from a musical background as one of the lead singers at the time. “although it’s still a passion for me” states Sam Willz “I put my music on the back burner to focus on my career, however nothing happens before it’s time and I will be getting back into it God willing”


Sam Willz is also keen on fitness and health well being and attends gym regularly where she is currently trying to get back her body after it had been abducted for some 9months 🙈  “I share the same issues as many women have today,the tremendous amount of pressure we put on ourselves to get back into shape after having a baby is huge”


“With pressures of society of how we should look is something we can all relate to I do me and in corporate that into my life with my hair my fashion and most of all my family….”


“So get at JWAGSLIFE.com where we can all share how we feel and most importantly let’s keep it real!!!”