Destination Wedding

In a recent blog, I explained that I will be sharing my 👰🏽 wedding countdown with you. So this is about […]

Do I stay

Do I stay? or Do I go?

Do I stay? Or do I go? Now that is a question I’m sure everyone, included myself, has asked themselves […]

Wedding Countdown

Wedding Countdown

My Mr proposed to me back in December 2015. However I had no real intention at that time to start […]

First Lady Randz in Dubai

One of my favourite trips was to the amazing United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪 city Dubai. This was like my first […]


My First Choice Dress

I love me some pink! Which makes this number, my first choice dress! First Choice by colour, the style and […]


Shan Willz…Prom on

Being a mum is such a blessing, but time flies so drastically it’s scary. It seems like just the other […]

Slimming illusion Dress

Most of us battle with how we look in one way or another. Usually wanting what we don’t have. Be […]


Monochrome Dress

Us ladies are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying work attire. However I must say, I do love Next […]

Rose Gold Sequin Dress

I recently attended the Karen Trust Charity Ball, which was a fabulous soiree. However I am such a person that […]